We cultivate new emotions ...


Fratus il precursore del biologico in Franciacorta dal 2006

The history of our Company

The history of the company founded by Giovanni Fratus starts after his work in Switzerland and Germany, when he was back to his native Franciacorta and at the end of the 60s he founded the Riccafana and began a long process of recovering and renewing the vineyards and the farmhouse.

Giovanni has always sought excellence and perfection ,he wasn’t satisfied with what he has created ,and could understand the real potential of the area. Combining the experience to those of other ” winemakers ” in Franciacorta he improves and perfects the production of what is now known today with the single term of Franciacorta .

From generation to generation, father Giovanni to son Riccardo, the company’s philosophy does not change and thanks to continuous improvements starts the decision, in 2002, to convert the entire grape production to organic and to expand the historical cellar so as to fully exploiting the potential offered by 10 hectares of vineyards situated in a unique location close to the southern slopes of Mount Orfano .

The landing the world of bio , however, is not a point of arrival but a point of departure. Riccardo develops always more the desire to “bring the grape ” in the glass of the whole world , the respect of the matter. before in the vineyard and than in cellar this is the main aim of the philosophy of Riccafana, so the winery acquired new wine-making equipmenta with the clear intent to comply as much as possible the raw material and preserve their characteristics to the last. All the wine-making business decisions are addressed to the absolute respect of the characteristics inherent to the area, where minerality and flavors are masters thanks to the land of Mount Orfano .

Our philosophy leads us to think that uncorking a bottle doesn’t mean just drinking a good wine, but means exciting, enthralling, amazing …

As for us in Riccafana, making wine means “Cultivating new emotions”

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