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Fratus il precursore del biologico in Franciacorta dal 2006

Franciacorta Wines

The ” Riccafana” agricultural company, owned by the family, is situated in inaccessible paths on the slopes of Monte Orfano. It is a southwards slope which has a very particular role in the Franciacorta composition and soil origins.
Of course, the microclimate is usually less wet and rainy compared to the other D.O.C.G. (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin) areas. This makes it possible to have riper grapes and higher concentrations.
In these conditions , even the pathologies are less aggressive and the defence can be organised in a more rational manner.
Based on these assumptions,and thanks to the ability of its workers, the company for quite some time, has started a kind of management based upon the respect for: the environment,work conditions, and consumer’health.
With the 2006 grape harvest, the company ended the phase of adopting the “bio” method, after having been controlled by the I.M.C. ( Mediterranean Institute for Certification) for the organic production of the company ‘ s grapes.
The company’ s choice to entirely convert its grapes production into the organic cultivation comes from its determined will to associate the criteria of quality to those of integrating its own wines into a spirit that highly considers ethical principles in human relations.
Our oenological approach is more and more turned towards respecting the exclusive characteristics of our grapes, with a progressive reduction of chemical interventions. Those, even in the fields, it is a priority to be commited for the respect of what is natural ,in this activity which is based on safeguarding the organic complexity.
It is a demanding trail for which the technical preparation and operators’ awareness are indispensable.
Our operating staff have the same ambition of participating in the promotion and evolution of this method ,whose application they scientifically guarantee.Their goal is a future certification that involves not only the grapes but also the wines.
The bio-method represents a more expensive approach ,yet, at the same time,more advanced compared to the control programme with phyto-pharmaceuticals and synthetic chemical fertilisers .
It is a guarantee for your health.
Riccardo Fratus

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