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Fratus il precursore del biologico in Franciacorta dal 2006

Franciacorta Satén Millesimato

Franciacorta Saten Millesimato

Grape varieties: Chardonnay 100% – organic.
Production area: hilly land located on Montorfano in one of the most characteristic
and pleasant areas of Franciacorta, in the municipality of Cologne (BS).
Production technique: unlike other Franciacorta D.O.C.G., this wine is obtained by
pressing of only white grape Chardonnay.
The resulting mash is obteined by a low percentage of the squeeze, and more
precisely the very beginning of the pressing process.
Less added sugar at bottling (18 gr./l instead of 24 g/l) lead to a different froth
with obtaining a lower pressure in the bottle. What you will identify will be a more
creaminess and smothness of the wine.
Colour: straw with golden highlights.
Perlage: persistent, very fine and abundant.
Bouquet: intense, full and spicy.
Taste: ample and complex with soft esotic fruit notes.
Duration: when stored in a suitable place can take over the 60 months.
Manufacturer’s recommendations: serve at a temperature around 8 °/10 ° C in
glasses of good size and thin glass.
May very well accompany all meals except for desserts.

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